Problem: CHM help is not displayed.

Cause: File is blocked by confirmation prompt!

Solution: Release file

  • Right mouse click on file
  • Click "Allow" button under characteristics
  • Then click "OK".

Allow general access to chm files (Parker assumes no responsibility)

It is possible to generally allow access to the chm help files. To do so, allow the access to the help files which are stored in the own intranet. Thus, security setting are relaxed.

Procedure (for etails please refer to Microsoft):

  1. Start the editor (Notepad)
  2. Copy the text out of the article inbetween the dotted line to the editor.
  3. Save the file as ""CHM-Intranet-Fix.reg". When saving the file make sure to put the name in quotation marks. If not, the file is saved as .txt and not as .reg.
  4. Double click the file on each computer.