EL-Sizing 2.2 Software: find the right linear drive in a matter of seconds
Time-consuming calculations of static and dynamic movement parameters are carried out automatically by the program.

EL-Sizing saves valuable time by avoiding complex recalculations. As soon as all your values have been entered, one button click brings up a list of all suitable linear drives in seconds. Complete linear drive/motor packages can also be selected.

Time-consuming catalogue searches for the drive, motor and accessories are eliminated by the automatically generated parts list, complete with order numbers. 

The new EL-sizing Tool v2.2 is now available for download. This latest version now includes additional sizes of the new high force ETH-series and high moment HMR-series electromechanical linear actuators.

Just like the preceding release this latest version allows user-friendly configuration of electromechanical linear actuators driven by screw, toothed belt or rod.

Considering loads, forces, moments and motion profiles, the EL sizing tool reliably determines combinations of actuator, motor / gear and servo drive. The software allows saving these combinations as projects and use the automatically generated bill of material to request a quote or to be entered into a purchase order.

Note: EL-Sizing 2.2 requires JAVA. To download a version without JAVA please click here