New PACIO Relay Modules

Parker’s Electromechanical & Drives Division North America is pleased to announce the release of two new PACIO Relay Modules. The new relay modules are a welcome addition to the already existing Parker Automation Controller (PAC) EtherCAT family of accessories.
Using the PACIO-452-04, users will be able to directly toggle on and off devices powered by 230VAC voltage; common applications include switching on and off small pumps, heaters, and others. Both the PACIO-452-04 and the PACIO-452-03 will allow the PAC to toggle outputs that require more current than the existing opto-isolated 24VDC 1A PACIO available. The digital relay option can handle resistive loads up to 5A and inductive loads up to 2A.
PACIO: Local and Remote IO

Like other PACIO modules, the E-bus connector allows the new relay modules to connect either directly onto the PAC or other PACIO modules. With the addition of a single Extender Module in the system, PACIO can act as remote IO by connecting to a Bus Coupler IO-stack using the same E-bus Connector system.

The pricing of the new PACIO modules are available through the Parker extranet. Lead times are expected to be 1-3 days as per all our PACIO modules.

Customers requiring the same PACIO module in quantities of 10 or more should schedule with the factory in advance to ensure lead times.