Parker EM&D Celebrates Take Your Child to Work Day
In April, we got a chance to bring our children to work. Our employees were excited to teach our kids about the importance safety and how that it is incorporated in their daily work. We laughed at jokes, learned about 3D printers, and built a T-slot Aluminum Framing Dog named Sparky!
We challenged our sales team to come up with a design, using the Parker T-Slot Aluminum Design Architect (TADA), that would be great for kids to learn how to assemble the t-slot aluminum framing project, as well as be a nice takeaway after the project was complete. And now we have our aluminum friend, Sparky!
Prior to our project, we showed the kids examples of applications such as guarding, carts, workstations, and even playground equipment that used T-slot aluminum framing. They also learned how to assemble profiles using a standard fastener and a universal fastener. After training, we handed out work instructions, safety goggles, and the kits to build Sparky. With guidance and teamwork, the kids were able to complete the project and take home their new aluminum friend!
It is very important to get the next generation involved in more hands-on projects. Participating in Take Your Child to Work Day not only shows the kids how our products are used in the manufacturing space, but also how the products would fit into our everyday lives. What a great event and we look forward to the next one!