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The new Parker Automation Manager provides users with newer envisioned Simulation Mode. With a simple right-click you can simulate your entire machine including:

  • PLC logic and execution
  • PACIO - Digital and analog
  • Motion control including simulating P-series and PSD drive motors
  • HMI and Visualization
Users can achieve this before committing to hardware or while their PAC is on the way.

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  Download PAM 1.4.0 here! 

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Introducing Parker's Powerful New Automation Manager 1.4.0

Image showing PAM 1.4 running in simulation mode.
You want more? Parker Automation Manager 1.4 now has full support for OPC-UA! OPC-UA is a powerful protocol that has seen wide adoption across the automation industry. Considered an interoperable protocol that allows machines to exchange data easily and effortlessly between machine to SCADA, server, or between each other. Its adoption has been so wide spread that many Cloud platforms have adopted it as a standard protocol, including Microsoft Azure. OPC-UA is the easiest way to upgrade your factory to IIoT.