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Key Application Types for Custom Linear Motor Stages:

Static Metrology- sample is not in movement when being measured, inspected, etc.
• Example: cellular inspection using microscopy
Dynamic Metrology- sample is in movement when being measured, inspected, etc.
• Example: high throughput laser line scanning 
Focusing - axis of motion (typically vertical) used to adjust the focus on sample being measured
• Example: automated focusing Z-axis for a microscope 
Custom Linear Stages
Parker can provide custom linear stage solutions of various form factors with high quality throughput, productivity and precision. Whether modifying a standard stage or creating a completely custom design, we can handle virtually any application due to the modularity and flexibility of our product offering. Parker’s automation expertise covers board-level electronics and single axis linear actuators all the way to complete automation solutions.

Key applications across various markets all require certain types of precision specifications to obtain the desired results. While there are some variances, the types of applications can be classified into categories. No matter the type, Parker has the ability to provide industry leading specifications required by the customer.
For OEM customers, our engineer team will work directly with customer’s design team to develop motion and control solutions that seamlessly integrate into their finished products. Using Parker’s proven Stage-Gate Process, we get involved early in the design process to gain the greatest value from collaboration and to provide successful product integration. With a single solution provider that can design, prototype and manufacture, OEM’s benefit with shortened design and production cycles. Contact us (hyperlink to contact info) to learn more and discuss your application requiring a custom linear motor stage.
Custom Stage Attributes
• Stability sub 100nm
• Move and Settling Times in under 100msec 
• Repeatability under 500nm
• Sub 20 arc-sec Abbe Errors (Roll, Pitch, Yaw)
• +/- 3 microns Straightness & Flatness 
• Constant Velocity to meet  application needs
• Resolution down to 50nm  

Types of Custom Stage Solutions
• Single Axis
• XY Stages (including Monolithic and open-framed)
• XYZ Cartesian and Gantries
• Single or Multi-axis with rotation
• Large footprint & Long Travel Systems
• Granite or steel base machines
• Contact us about your design!

Custom Product Design Options
• Custom Carriages – size, multiple on one stage, etc. 
• Base material (alloy vs. stainless) and size
• Special coatings (ex. electroless nickel plated or black anodized)
• Special connectors and cable management 
• Custom mounting holes
• Linear brake (for vertical applications)

Environmental Options
• Cleanroom 
• Vacuum
• High Humidity
• Extreme Temperatures
• Radiation
• Certain IP Ratings