Information Anywhere?
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Learn how you can support a more efficient plant through “Information Anywhere” technology.  Floor plant data can be delivered in real time across standard web architectures to drive your plant's ROI.  Download the white paper.
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Find out how web-enabled devices can push valuable production information anywhere your plant needs it.

Andy Balderson
Andy has been involved professionally in technology for nearly 30 years. Andy is an advocate of using edge devices to connect to legacy systems and both aggregate and arbitrate data before sending it to the cloud, and approach which provides both implementation cost benefits and performance benefits when sizing database resources for big data analytics.
How to Remotely Control Your Plant With a Mobile App

Now OEMs and users can remotely monitor and control factory automation displays from anywhere in the world with a phone or tablet and an internet connection. Parker recently released the Remote Manager mobile app that controls one or more Parker Factory Displays (PFD) or Interact Xpress™ HMI (and as...