• 25 Year Product Life 
  • Industry leading warranty 
  • Single and Dual Axis Tracking 
  • Proven Hydraulics, complete self-contained
  • No plumbing, hoses or oil needed, plug and play actuation 
  • Simple 2 wire on/off operation 
  • Virtually maintenance free for low operating costs 
Hybrid Actuation System Cylinders (HAS)
Tracking actuators for PV and CSP solar panels

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Parker Hannifin
More efficiency, more production
By adding tracking, power generation can be increased upwards of 45% over fixed panel installations. Proven hydraulics used in the harshest environments and offering the smallest footprint over lead screw style actuators is an excellent choice for tracking actuators.

Parker's Hybrid Actuation System (HAS) brings a "best of both worlds" solution to solar, wind and hydro power applications. The new hybrid design combines the control of traditional electromechanical actuators with the power density, longer life, and resistive-force capabilities of traditional hydraulic systems. The result is an improved actuation system for single and dual axis tracking and other renewable energy systems, with a wider range of capabilities.

More efficiency, less maintenance
This high-efficiency, modular system allows for various traditional cylinder mounting configurations and stroke lengths. The hybrid design is a fully self-contained system with no hydraulic hoses or power units. Hybrid hydraulics achieve exceptional economies of scale, with the ability to move over a megawatt from a single point. This makes HAS a good choice for large or small arrays.
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Hybrid Actuation System Cylinders from Parker