• Entrepreneurial
  1. The entrepreneurial spirit established by founder Art Parker set the company on a distinct path of innovation and growth. Today, Parker aims to rekindle that spirit by encouraging flexibility, autonomy and the ability to explore and excel.

• High Performance Teams & Leaders
  1. A structured approach to team work and collaborative decision making, High Performance Teams are formed at Parker to apply the unique knowledge and perspective of team members closest to the product and the customer. This structure empowers people to leverage their expertise to solve problems, implement decisions and improve the company.

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Zero Accidents
  1. A safety-first environment is not only the right way to run the company, it is also the most productive. Safety, productivity and profitability are all closely linked.

Speed Within Win Strategy

  1. Several strategies included in the Win Strategy are intended to increase the speed with which Parker team members perform tasks and, as a result, cut the time it takes for Parker to respond to customer needs or changes in the market.

Ownership > 80% in High Performance Teams
  1. Establishing an entrepreneurial framework that empowers team members to make decisions which impact their work is dependent upon ensuring they are engaged in High Performance Teams. Parker is targeting an 80% or greater participation rate.

Inclusive Environment
  1. Parker is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce that respects and embraces the unique perspectives of all people.

Engagement Survey > 74%
  1. The level of success Parker achieves in implementing the strategies is dependent on a fully engaged global team. Parker’s Global Employee Engagement Survey questions are scientifically structured to accurately measure engagement with the goal to achieve an engagement score of 74% or better, which is top quartile performance.


• Environmental, Health & Safety
  1. Nothing is more important to Parker than making sure every team member returns home safely after each work day. The company is also committed to operating responsibly and preserving its vibrant communities around the world by serving as an active steward of the environment through resource conservation, waste reduction and sustainable product design.