Topside Technology Solutions
Parker solutions withstand the extreme temperature, pressure and unique configuration challenges confronting design engineers for a range of offshore drilling applications including mud pumps and riser system components. .  

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Sealing Solutions for Mud Pumps

Parker’s proprietary Resilon® Polyurethane material, with superior wear resistance and the highest operating temperature profile on the market, can extend uptime on mud pump components and reduce operating costs.
XXL Sealing Solutions

As a specialist in engineered materials, engineering design and process technology Parker Prädifa offers an extensive portfolio of large-size seals and moldings made of polymers such as NBR, EPDM, FKM, PTFE and PEEK, as well as metal. Machined up to 4.5 m or continuously vulcanized in any desired size. Spring-energized metal C-rings with a diameter of up to 7.6 m.
PTFE Chevron Stacks

Parker's chevron packing set with incorporates its proven FlexiSeal® design technology and PTFE-based materials as well as other high performance polymer plastics. Advantages over conventional elastomer-based chevron stacks includes pressure- and wear-resistant PTFE, no special tooling requirements, quick design and short manufacturing times.
Metal Seals

Our highly-engineered metal seal designs offer customized solutions for demanding applications where extreme temperature, corrosive media, high vacuum and near zero leakage or long life concerns are present. The materials used in our resilient metal seals prevent gaseous permeation while providing exceptional performance in critical vacuum applications.

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NORSOK/ISO 23936-2

The ability to use materials which have been tested and approved via an industry standard test gives the end user a confidence that is unobtainable for other products.

Parker offers compounds from the HNBR, FKM, AFLAS and FFKM families which have been tested for Sour Service and Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) standards such as API 6A, NORSOK M-710, ISO23936-2 and TOTAL GS EP PVV 142.
Composite Seals

Gask-O-Seals® are uniquely designed elastomeric elements which are molded directly into grooves to produce an integrated sealing solution.

Continuously Molded

The ability to manufacture large diameter O-rings without the possibility of compromising integrity of the part via a splice can be critical in certain applications. Applications requiring higher pressures or rapid gas decompression cycles can benefit from using a continuous molded O-ring part. The continuous molded O-rings are available in all standard size cross sections at minimum inside diameter of 35", which can also eliminate a tool charge for low volume orders.

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Engineered Materials Group

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