Rotary FlexiSeal™ PTFE Seals
Rotary Shaft Seals from Parker
Clipper® Oil Seals
Rotary Shaft Seals from Parker
Parker has a solution for your rotary shaft seal applications.  

Our complete portfolio of standard products and the ability to engineer custom designs give you unmatched access to a wide range of solutions and sealing options for shaft sizes from 0.235" to over 65" – all from one supplier.

Let us assist you in selecting the optimal seal design for your application.

Clipper® Oil Seals
Clipper Oil Seals are the anchor of Parker’s rotary seal product line. The Clipper design features an integrally molded rubber/aramid fiber outer case (heel) and an elastomeric seal lip. This unique, nonmetallic heel construction will not rust or corrode and has the added benefit of forming a gasket-type seal between the equipment housing and the seal outside diameter.  Easy-to-install solid or split configurations reduce down time. 

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Rotary FlexiSeal™ PTFE Seals
FlexiSeals are used where elastomeric seals fail to meet the temperature range and when speeds are relatively low (<1000 fpm) and pressures are high (up to 10,000 psi).  The “spring-energized” U-cup design utilizes a variety of jacket and lip profiles, spring types, and materials.  Either a flange or an o-ring on the OD keeps the seal fixed in the bore as the shaft rotates.

FlexiCase™ & FlexiLip™ PTFE Seals
Parker's FlexiCase seal is a metal-cased rotary lip seal suitable for applications where elastomeric lip seals fail and mechanical seals are too costly. The filled PTFE element provides greater chemical compatibility, wider temperature ranges, higher pressure capabilities, and longer life than elastomeric lip seals.

FlexiLip™ seals incorporate a deflected sealing lip geometry. Anti-rotational devices such as flanges and O-rings are often utilized to prevent the seal from rotating with the shaft. FlexiLip™ seals are suitable for sealing corrosive and abrasive media. A wide range of geometries and material are available, depending on specific application requirements.

Parker Oil Seals
Parker Oil Seals include a multitude of designs featuring different lip and case styles in varying combinations to match lubrication, operating conditions, regulatory requirements, and other application parameters for rotating equipment.   Standard lip and case material combinations are available as well as over 100 special profiles, plus custom design engineering capabilities for applications with unique operating conditions.  

ProTech™ Bearing Isolator Labyrinth Seals
Metal and Rubber Covered-metal Case Parker Oil Seals
Rotary FlexiCase™ PTFE Seals
ProTech™ Bearing Isolator Labyrinth Seals

ProTech bearing isolators are the leading technology in bearing protection with their unitized, two-piece design, providing zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants.  PTFE and metallic designs available in flanged and non-flanged designs to suit application requirements and various shaft orientations.

View the Rotary Seal Design Guide
For a comprehensive guide to Parker's standard line of Rotary Shaft Seal products, including engineering data, design considerations, material data, part numbering  and sizing guide, view and download the Rotary Seal Design Guide, Catalog EPS5350.


Rotary Seal Design Guide (Catalog EPS5350)
Rotary PTFE FlexiLip ™ Seals