Parker Oil Seals for Radial Shafts

Parker oil seals are elastomer-lipped, metal retained rotary shaft seals available in a multitude of configurations to suit operating conditions, environment, and performance requirements.  Design variables include any number of combinations of elastomer materials as well as lip and OD styles, coatings, and hydrodynamic lip grooving.  

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  • Size Range:  0.250" to 30"
  • Pressure:  
    • 0 to 7 psi, standard elastomers
    • 0 to 10 psi, PTFE lip
    • Up to 200 psi, select profiles
  • Speed:  2000 or 6000 sfpm, maximum, depending on profile
  • Variable lip and OD styles
  • Metal, ParKote®, full/partial rubber-coated OD options
  • Economical solution for non-critical applications
  • Standard designs for
    • High misalignment and run-out conditions
    • High contamination
    • Oil and/or grease retention

Parker Oil Seals encompass a multitude of designs featuring different lip and case styles in varying combinations to match lubrication, operating conditions, regulatory requirements, and other application parameters for rotating equipment.  With decades of rotary seal design experience, over 100 standard designs, and endless possibilities for custom solutions, we can recommend or engineer just the right seal for your needs. 

Standard and custom designs may include any number of combinations of elastomer materials as well as lip and OD styles, and coatings such as: 

  • Single and double lip configurations for lubrication (oil or grease) retention
  • Springless or spring-loaded for friction concerns, lubrication retention, run-out or misalignment conditions
  • With or without dust lips for contamination exclusion
  • Single, double, and cassette-style metal case with design options for installation considerations
  • Parkote® coating treatment for enhanced bore sealing and retention in the housing
  • Partial or full rubber coating for corrosion resistance and/or fluid compatibility
  • Hydrodynamic groove patterning on contact lip surface for lubrication management
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