FlexiCase and FlexiLip Rotary Shaft Seals
FlexiCase™ and FlexiLip™ PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals
Parker FlexiCase and FlexiLip PTFE seals are 
designed for rotary applications where elastomer lip seals fail, and mechanical seals are too costly. Versatility of design options make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

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  • Size Range
    • FlexiLip 0.625” to 12”
    • FlexiCase 0.235” to 6”
  • Metal case OD or O ring centered in OD
  • Pressure limits at room temp:
    • FlexiLip – 30 to 150 psi 
    • FlexiCase 125 to 500 psi 
  • Max Operating Speed 2000 to 6000 sfpm
  • Machined PTFE sealing lip solution with highly customizable options
    • Single, double, redundant lips
    • Excluder lip
    • Spring loaded or springless
  • Cost effective high production solution
  • Excellent fluid compatibility
  • Wide temperature range
  • Versatile for a broad range of applications

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FlexiCase designs feature PTFE lips that seal dynamically on a shaft and a metal case OD which creates a static, press-fit seal against the housing (bore).  Gaskets and spacers may be sandwiched between layers of sealing lips and/or the metal casing to eliminate potential leak paths. 

FlexiCase rotary shaft seals are manufactured from a wide variety of PTFE composites as well as machinable plastic materials. The PTFE sealing lips are generally not spring energized so the radial lip contact forces are comparably lower than rotary FlexiSeal profiles which are spring-energized.  Designs with garter springs are available for high run-out or abrasive media conditions.  Back-up washers on select profiles extend pressure capability.

FlexiLip rotary seals feature an ID lip that seals dynamically on a shaft and an elastomeric O-ring on its OD to seal statically in a bore.  Since the lip is not spring energized, the radial lip contact forces are lower than a rotary FlexiSeal. 

The seals are machined from a wide variety of PTFE composites and other machinable plastic materials. Standard O-ring options are fluorocarbon, silicone, nitrile and EPDM. This broad foundation of O-ring and PTFE materials can be tailored to suit nearly all applications. Standard and non-standard FlexiLip profiles are precision machined to fit inch-fractional and metric gland geometries. Standardized tooling and machining efficiencies make FlexiLip seals a cost-effective, high production solution. 

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