Heat and flame resistant Tadpole Tape
Custom Rotary Shaft Seals
The Aerospace industry is continuously evolving to address today's challenges:  

Achieving greater fuel efficiency, better safety, increased range and higher speed.  

Your Trusted Development Resource and Preferred Supplier
Parker offers aerospace customers increased temperature resistance, fluid compatibility, pressure and wear resistance as well as speed to market.

We design sealing systems and components which are lighter, stronger, faster, smarter and more reliable.  We understand industry requirements and work with engineers and designers of aircraft and aircraft systems as a trusted development resource and preferred component supplier.
Sealing Solutions for Air Management in Aerospace Systems
Sealing Solutions for Flight Controls, Landing Gear and Wheel & Brake
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Sealing Solutions for Engines, Fuel Metering Units, Structural Airframe & Firewall closures
  • Air Management

  • Engines
  • Fuel Metering Units
  • Structural Airframe & Firewall Closures

  • Flight Controls
  • Landing Gear and Wheel & Brake

Rod & Piston Aircraft T-Seals
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