Diabetes Care Sealing Solutions
Diabetes Care Sealing Solutions

Parker can help improve patient outcomes with high purity sealing solutions to meet storage and delivery challenges in diabetes care.
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Reduce Contamination Risks with Parker’s Medical Compliant O-ring Material E1244-70

Parker’s E1244-70 EPDM material contains an internal lubricant, reducing installation force and dynamic friction without the need for external lubricants that can trap dirt and dust which can harbor bacteria. It is USP Class VI and USP <87> compliant and provides excellent resistance to repeated steam, gamma, ozone, and ethylene oxide sterilization.
Reduce the Risk of Cytotoxic Contaminants with Medical Grade E3609-70

Parker’s ethylene propylene material E3609-70 offers outstanding resistance to steam, cleaning sterilization agents, and process fluids in addition to meeting cytotoxicity requirements of USP <87> and the USP Class VI biocompatibility requirements at multiple extraction test temperatures.
Organic Elastomer Molded Products

We offer a wide variety of medical grade molded, insert molded, and over molded components. Our specialties include medium to high volume liquid silicone injection molding, conventional high consistency silicone, polyisoprene rubber and organic rubber injection molding. In addition, we offer  high volume organic rubber "flashless" vacuum transfer molding.  Our high precision molded elastomers are ideal for drug delivery devices, fluid management and patient monitoring systems.
Thermoplastic and TPE Injection Molded Products

We specialize in medium to high volume injection and insert molding of complex precision components with all the materials you come to expect in the Life Science space.offer a wide variety of medical grade molded, insert molded, and over molded components.
Parker’s HiFluor™ Material HF355-65 Offers High Performance, High Purity and Low extractable Sealing Solutions

HF355-65 is a unique "hybrid" O-ring rubber material that offers extremely low extractables of perfluorinated elastomers coupled with the temperature limits of fluorocarbon. The chemical resistance is slightly better than regular fluorocarbon, and the cost is a fraction of a true perfluorinated elastomer.
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