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New Products

LM-Pro Valve


The Parker LM-Pro miniature proportional valve provides unparalleled flow control capabilities to meet your OEM application needs. The LM-Pro uses a Patent Pending Linear Motor actuation technology that provides exceptional resolution over a longer stroke and lower power consumption than traditional solenoid or voice coil actuation. With a linear controllable flow range from 0.5 to 540 slpm, pressure capability up to 100PSI (6.9 Bar), and typical power consumption of less than 2 Watts, the LM-Pro is a true, one size fits all, proportional valve. This unrivaled performance capability combined with the simplicity of a face mounted/ported design make the LM-Pro valve an ideal solution for your dynamic flow control needs.

BTX-Connect pump


Parker’s BTX-Connect Pump Product Line combines best in class diaphragm pump design, innovative ‘connected’ brushless motor technology, ultra-low vibration, and advanced manufacturing techniques to bring a next-generation solution to next-generation device needs. The BTC-Connect Pump is designed to provide high performance with superior quality, and reliability. The options for Motor Control, Single Head, Dual Head, Pressure only, Vacuum only, and Pressure/Vacuum configurations offer a wide range of market applications with the support of Parker’s Global Teams.

Ultra Low Carryover Valve

Ultra Low Carryover Valve

Parker Hannifin Precision Fluidics Division is excited to introduce the Ultra Low Carryover Valve, a new liquid valve that features both Ultra Low Carryover performance and the ability to reduce fluidic circuit complexity by replacing one or more valves with a single Ultra Low Carryover Valve.

Truly two valves in one.


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Let's Celebrate

Join us as we celebrate the launch of the new Helix Pump

BTX-Connect Pump

20.11.2019 15:00-17:30

Parker Hannifin Precision Fluidics Division is excited to introduce the Helix Pump. It is a compact, high pressure pump designed to enable the smallest of point-of-care instruments. Helix enables high pressure operation in challenging high altitude environments and applications where external compressed air is not available. Delivering more than 5.5 LPM flow and pressure up to 100 PSI (6.9 bar), the Helix pump provides the best solution for bench-top diagnostic devices where performance is critical and space is limited.

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Friends from Parker are joining us at Compamed

Parker Performance Materials.

BTX-Connect Pump

At the 2019 Compamed exhibition, Parker Precision Fluidics are welcoming new friends from the Parker Performance Materials business group to share their stand. The Performance Materials group is very active across the medical industry, with their aspire™ products composed of expanded PTFE, which are used to filter and protect medical equipment and devices. Medical products where the aspire protective vents are found include ostomy bags, vacuum protection filters, suction canisters, infusion filters, IV sets and neonatal mucus collectors. In addition, medical equipment manufacturers such as those making sensors and wearables, can use PTFE vents to allow their sealed electronic products to “breathe,” without the intrusion of liquids and particulates. Come and meet our new friends in hall 8a, stand M15.

Featured Products

Point of Care Testing

Laboratory liquid and motion control solutions providing accurate microfluidic and repeatable results.


Reagent Addition

Liquid Flow Control

Gas Valves

Gas / Liquid Pumps

Liquid Valves


Respiratory & Anesthesia / Patient Monitoring (PM) / Patient Therapy (PT)

Advanced gas control, filtration and sealing solutions to enhance device performance and patient safety. Pump, valve, and integrated expertise delivers high performance solutions and enhanced patient comfort.

Respiratory & Anesthesia

Patient Therapy

Patient Monitoring

Gas Selection

Gas Sampling

Gas Blending

Diaphragm Pumps

Solenoid Valves

Proportional Valves

In Vitro Diagnostics

Laboratory liquid and motion control solutions providing accurate microfluidic and repeatable results.


Reagent Addition

Liquid Flow Control


Waste Removal

Cleaning / Decon

Liquid Valves



AOL Liquid

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