• Fluid viscosity as high as 300cSt (usable range) will be able to pass through the detector at the proper flow rateTwo minute test procedure
  • Quick connections for testing online and offline Laser optical scanning analysis
  • Reporting Standards ISO4406:1999, NAS1638 and RH% moisture sensor display in high intensity OLED format
  • Data Storage up to 250,000 test points of information
  • Compact, lightweight and robust, truly portable iOS makes field analysis simple, quick and easy
  • Able to sample directly from a hydraulic reservoir, barrel and vehicle fuel tank or from a high pressure, online hydraulic system with the addition of a pressure reducing adaptor
  • Completely self contained, with laser detection particle counter (icountPD), rechargeable battery and flow management pump
  • No special software needed
  • Embedded web page generator for data download onto any PC or laptop via a universal RJ45
  • connection interface
  • Fast detection of the presence of contamination with a sampling period from 5 seconds to 999 seconds
  • Wi-fi access

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  • Two minute test procedure

  • Fully manufactured by Parker with 20 years experience in the Particle Counter Measuring market

  • Laser optical scanning analysis

  • Multi-standard ISO cleanliness reporting

  • On-board, rear-mounted pump enables monitoring possibilities. For example: Fuel storage/vehicle tanks and fuel storage drums

  • Latest averaging software as standard

  • Downloader software


State-of-the-Art Fuel Contamination Monitoring
Fully functional particle counter approved for use on fuels.


Portable Condition Monitoring for Fuel Systems


The benchtop solution to fluid contamination bottle sampling

  • Quick sample bottle analysis with variable test time options from 15 seconds and volume capacities from 25ml
  • Repeatable and re-producible result performance to ISO4406:1999, NAS1638 AS4509E and GOST 17216:2001 (Differential and Cumulative) particle count distributions
  • On-board compressor and ‘shop’ air capability
  • icounBSplus has the capability for on-line fluid measurement configuration as well as off-line fluid sampling
  • Design concept allowing for portability. DC and rechargeable battery pack power option built in
  • CE compliant
  • On-board thermal printer
  • 500 test memory (fully downloadable)