Parker Racor RV Series vessels are designed to be used in bulk fuel storage, fuel dispensing, fuel transfer, and large engine applications.

The RV Series set up as a coalescer/separator (RVFS), will remove emulsified free water and solids from diesel fuel. When equipped with coalescer/separator filters, water can be drained and removed from the RVFS sump. 

RV filter vessels offer economy, versatility, unparalleled high efficiency, and low maintenance solutions to many fuel delivery and industrial filtration applications. The vessels will accept particulate filters (RVMF) or coalescer/separator filters.

Filter vessels are used in the diesel and re-fueling industry on fuel dispensing locations, providing 

clean diesel

RV Series vessels provide the required filtration for today’s high-pressure common-rail engines.            800.344.3286  

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