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Know What's Happening with Your Equipment to Avoid Shutdowns
Know What's Happening with Your Equipment to Avoid Shutdowns
Now you can monitor equipment 24/7 from any location with an internet connection using Parker’s integrated condition monitoring solution.
Track measurements to gauge performance of your moving parts, brushes, bay doors and drying equipment. This includes the pressure of hydraulic and pneumatic lines as well as the temperature of these systems’ components. 
Parker's fill level sensor allows more efficient management of your liquids, soaps and chemicals. Now monitor liquid and materials level for on-time replacement and better delivery management. And with the non-contact, remote monitoring solution, safety is improved compared to alternative liquid level monitoring, including floats and ultrasonic systems.
Fill Level Sensor
Plus, you can receive notifications via email, text message or in-system when measurements fall above or below a set range to ensure you're always aware of potential issues.
  • Maintain optimum performance of equipment
  • Keep car washes running in cold and inclement weather
  • Monitor ambient temperature of bays
  • Know when to refill liquids and chemicals
  • Improve safety with non-contact chemical level monitoring
  • Reduce spillage, contamination and loss of chemicals
  • Improve delivery and fleet management
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate manual inventory and replacement tracking
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