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The BTX-Connect pump offers advanced control options and designed to offer best in class quality and reliability

BTX-Connect Pump Product Image BTX-Connect Pump Gold Bracket

Best in Class Vibration Reduction and Connect Features

  • Balanced Operations

    • Optimized counter balance reduces pump vibration

    • Less vibration = less noise in your product

  • Brushless motor with Connect Features

    • Flexible control options: DC on/off, PWM, 0-5 Vdc, or digital communication

    • Optional UART serial port for control and advanced monitoring

    • Fail-safe shut down conditions if over temperature or over current event occurs

Lowest weight pump in its class

BTX Pump weighs up to 25g less than compeating pumps

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Optional Accessories

Check out these accesories designed to work in with the BTX-Connect Pump

BTX-Connect with Accessories


EZ Mount provides ease of installation and effective control of vibration transfer.

Pump Filter

Pump Filter

Filter / Mufflers designed for use with Precision Fluidics pumps, to reduce noise and prevent debris from entering the pump

Advancements in Noise Reduction Techniques for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Advancements in Noise Reduction Techniques for Medical Equipment Manufacturers


This white paper discusses the impact of noise generating equipment on patients, sources of noise, challenges faced by original equipment (OEM) manufacturers, and sound mitigation solutions.

Download this white paper to learn about sound mitigation techinques for diaphragm pumps:

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