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Air Oil Cooler
Sizing Software
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Version 5.0

The Parker Air Oil Cooler Sizing Software can help to determine the most efficient cooler for your application. It is suitable for the LAC, LDC, LOC and LHC Air Oil Cooler Series.

LAC Series

LAC standard Air Oil Cooler with AC-motor). Download Brochure
LDC Series

LDC standard Air Oil Cooler with DC-motor). Download Brochure
PWO Series

PWO Plate Water Oil Coolers. Download Brochure
Temperature optimisation
 - a basic prerequisite for cost-efficient  operation

Choosing the right cooler requires precise system sizing. The most reliable way to size is with the aid of our calculation program. This program, together with precise evaluations from our experienced, skilled engineers, gives you the opportunity for more cooling per € invested.

Parker also offers sizing software for the Plate Water Oil Cooler (PWO) Series and the Parker Accumulator Range.
Sizing software for the Parker water oil cooler range is also available to download from the Parker website.
The Parker air oil cooler sizing software is one of the most sophisticated simulation software programs available, allowing for temperature and flow characteristics, intuitive Windows format and easy to use!