Practical Applications for Precision Electromechanics in Photonics

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Using a variable frequency drive (VFD) can be beneficial in many constant speed applications driven by electric motors, such as those that require controlled starting and have been historically served by a reduced voltage soft-starter (RVSS). While an RVSS and a VFD can both provide a controlled start, let’s examine the benefits of each technology and when it makes sense to use one over the other.

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Parker T-Slot Aluminum Framing Products Are "Built to Last"
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Parker Variable Frequency Drives Benefit Constant Speed Applications
When you invest in an assembly from Parker's T-slot aluminum framing products, you can be sure that the final product has been built to last. Here is a short video that will explain what T-slot aluminum framing is and how we take care to ensure you have a quality product.

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In a world of constant technological advances, the photonics industry is seeing rapid growth with no signs of a slow-down. Photonics is the branch of technology concerned with the properties and transmission of photons. Photons are applications involving a laser. Lasers often conjure up images of an evil scientist plotting to destroy an unsuspecting city with a “laser death ray.” To the contrary, laser applications are commonly used in many markets to improve the quality of life – think health care or autonomous cars.  

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