Key Technology Considerations for Dynamic Metrology Applications
Throughout the world, various types of metrology applications share a common need for increased precision. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. Metrology applications take some type of measurement to collect certain data. Markets such as life science, semiconductor, and electronics manufacturing rely on metrology instrumentation to ensure their process is completed correctly. The need for precision is further underscored when you realize the samples/products can be extremely small (i.e., human cell) as well as highly sensitive (i.e., touch-screen electronics). Having high-precision motion technology is key to ensure the application will be completed successfully. 
This blog post will cover the basics of metrology applications, but if you are interested in learning more, Parker has published a detailed white paper on the topic, which we encourage you to download here

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By Patrick Lehr, product manager for precision mechanics, Electromechanical and Drives Division North America,
Parker Hannifin Corporation